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We opened Free Calls to India for ALL

If you plan to make free internet phone calls to India – this news may be interesting for you. Why You May Need to Make Free Calls to India Are you going to make free online phone calls to India, but still do not know what to start with? If so, then we have something […]

CallsFreeCalls ver 1.3 – Free Text Messaging Online

Looking for affordable ways to send free SMS? Check our new app version 1.3! Dear customers. We are working hard for you and glad to present new version 1.3 of our free Apple application, that opens possibility to send free SMS to 457 carriers around the globe! We added vietnamese and japanese localization, ability to […]

Free Texting Online: Enjoy Your Communication!

Sending Free SMS will no longer be a dream for you with new version of our FREE Apple iTunes application. Benefits of Free Text Messaging Online Do you think that it is impossible to send free SMS nowadays?  If so, then you are somewhat mistaken, because this option will soon become available to you! Here, […]

Share Euro 2012 Impressions with Free Internet Phone Calls

In recent years a lot of people started using Internet phone calls to stay in touch with their relatives, friends and business colleagues when travelling and staying abroad. This summer promises to be hot and busy for mobile network operators and other kinds of communication providers, since the upcoming long-awaited Euro2012 is approaching and many […]

Internet phone calls to Costa Rica is opened

We are pleased to provide you with a fantastic and extremely convenient way to make internet phone calls to Costa Rica completely for free! You do not have to be concerned with your enormous telephone bills anymore, since we have made it possible for you to get in touch with your near and dear who […]