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The first easiest place to invest and manage your crypto assets under your ownership

Hey everyone, my name is Alex and I am a serial entrepreneur with 21 years experience and in crypto science 2014. Thank you for having me today. I would like to introduce you YouBank - the app, where you can buy, invest and manage your money in the crypto world.

    Simple and safe investment purchased crypto assets with 5%-500% APY*
    Convert money from/to wallet in few clicks
    Get investor's friendly reports with APY*

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* The annual percentage yield (APY) is the real rate of return earned on a savings deposit or investment** Each registered and active testers will receive $50 in $CRAD and special prizes, which will double income next 6 months after the launch


Investors worldwide like to jump into crypto-investment......but it so difficult even for IT-people OR not safe enough

A lot of my friends continuously asking me, how to invest in crypto. They want to have a guide into the crypto world. But, I can’t recommend it to them, because existing solutions can’t provide a full control on my crypto assets OR too complicated even for me, software developer....  



“Centralized exchanges are subject to a tremendous number of problems”


“Not your keys, not your coins”


Simple places don’t give you direct control on your assets at the same time solutions where you can have this control not Investor friendly

Most common used apps like Coinbase or Paypal don’t provide access to crypto keys or sweet decentralized deals like liquidity pools. And solutions like Metamask or other wallets don’t provide investor’s friendly user experience or clear, investor-oriented, reports. As mentioned in the previous slide - “not your keys, not your money”.



And this is why the YouBank solution here. Simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy crypto, invest purchased crypto and receive a simple, investor’s friendly reports. And, at the same time, app keep a crypto keys in the customer's hands 

    YouBank builded by investors for investors where always easy to track and manager your crypto assets
    With YouBank only you have an access to your money (crypto keys belongs to you)
    YouBank First easiest place to invest and manage your crypto assets under only your ownership

I’m in crypto space science 2014. I invest a lot in liquidity pools and hold enough. I do try to use all market-known solutions like coinbase, argent, metamask, trust wallet, uniswap. But I still don’t know the APY, even for my BNB purchases. I must use a calculator and spend time for checking results. This is why I have builded YouBank app - as an investor for investors. Solutions like PayPal, Coinbase, Argent can freeze my money anytime. Because they hold a crypto keys. I faced this experience in the past, and I don’t like to take a risks in the future. This is why YouBank focuses on local cryptokeys management.

Product overview



Clear, simple APY report for all assets



Direct investment from your wallet



Easy convert crypto to fiat



All your funds in your hands

With the beta version of YouBank, you can buy crypto, invest in Uniswap and Binance smart chain pools and get APY results even for other wallet. Within the app you can create a new wallet, import keys (TrustWallet compatible) and control your funds easily. It's a still the same wallet but with investor’s friendly reports.

Competitor Landscape

This is how I create YouBank, which joins unique investment experience, private wallet and reports in one place. Investing flow was never better, than with YouBank.

Centralized Apps

Crypto Wallets


Our team

I've been in crypto since 2014 and a full stack developer (even after exits I keep coding for fun). YouBank App, which you can install now, backend was builded based on CFC Wallet all from me, alone. But with team and Binance experts we can create amazing product quicker 



    Serial entrepreneur with 25 years experience
    11 companies so far in telecommunications, mobile advertisement, digital health
    4 private exits
    Full-stack developer


Couple of CFC Wallet tractions - was founded 2012 as a non-crypto app to reward users for advertisement action, 2018 migrated in crypto with issue CRAD token and list on top-40 exchanges. Hundred thousands plus community members and revenue will support growth of YouBank too. App available on TestFlight, under testing no with a long wait list. And a first version of own based on smart contracts venture capital fund deployed on Binance smart chain testnet. All images are clickable, you can test it and confirm. 

    Founded in 2012
    Already issued token CRAD
    Listed TOP-40 crypto exchanges




Community members


...with long wait-list


Testnet smart contract deployed

Predicted growth

After approval for Binance accelerator, we will incentivise app and smart contract development to release in Q three 2021 iOS and android app, with full binance smart chain integration. Q four 2021 we will release own smart contracts final version on binance smart chain. While that we expect a significant growth(PAUSE) to show a 2022 decentralized investment top-10 position for apps and reach more than one billion US-dollar customer’s investment amount based on binance smart chain.


Feb 2021

Binance Build for Bharat accelerator accepted


Jun 2021

Release app with full integration of BSC


Aug 2021

Release smart contracts on BSC


Q1 2022

Top-10 app for decentralized investment, 100k active investors


Q4 2022

As part of Binance ecosystem BSC investment from YouBank reach to $1B


Thank you very much for your time. I will be happy to discuss in future, we still need advisors, investors and Binance integration. Ask me now or contract me later for any questions.