Meet newCFC DeFi

      Decentralized finance ecosystem for all 8M+ users of CFC Wallet

      Special pre-Launch offer

      Deal Expires: December 13, 2018


      Based on smart contracts DeFi ecosystem

      Earn money by invest in multiply DeFi's and by lend/borrow tokens, controlled by two years old $CRAD token


      Profit switching lender to optimize lending yields


      Single-sided automated market maker


      CFC DeFi ecosystem is controlled by the $CRAD token

      Why Choose Us


      Eight years to build CFC Wallet


      Facebook 17K FollowersTwitter 32.2K FollowersTelegram 18K+ Member main group, 7.6k+ Turkish, 3.3k+ Persian, 11.2k+ French, 7.3k+ Russian, 6.5k+ Indonesian, 7.7k+ Bangladesh e.t.c


      CFC Wallet - app for iOS, Android, and telegram bot to hold, buy, and earn cryptocurrency with 8M+ userbase. CRAD used for micropayments and to reward users for advertising actions
      Using telegram bot users can send zero fees micropayments in CRAD just by one command in telegram messenger. 

      Only 8% trust financial institutions.

      A new study published by Facebook provides some insight into the financial attitudes, opinions and behavior of the Millennial generation. Facebook surveyed more than 27,000 people for its report and collected anonymous data from the Facebook conversations of more than 70 million users aged 21-34. 
      Distrust of banks
      Perhaps it’s not surprising that, in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis, a number of Millennials who witnessed firsthand how irresponsible behavior by bankers nearly collapsed the U.S. economy now distrust financial professionals. Facebook found that, while more than half (53%) of Millennials don’t know where they should turn for financial advice, only 8% trust financial institutions. Only 36% of Millennials talk to their parents about money, and a frustrated 33% of Millennials know that they could be investing their money better but don’t know exactly how.
      While 60% of Millennials indicate that they would love nothing more than to trust their bank and share a partnership/friendship relationship, more than a third of those surveyed would describe their current bank as closer to a “used car salesman” or “aggressor” than a friend.

      A software based bank, where your money own by you 

      As solution we create blockchain based bank, app with micropayments, where money can be a fun. 

      Simple CFC Wallet App, where only the owner has money in hands, which allows a micropayment, lend and borrow, and gateway to a traditional ecosystem - this is a key to solve the problem of trust.CFC Wallet is a just gateway to smart contracts, where blockchain software decides rules - no need a people from that point.All member has governace option to vote updates, new services e.t.c. So, this is a bank, which controlled by community.  


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