Our process


      Install Metamask wallet in your browser

      MetaMask is an extension for accessing any crypto blockchains enabled distributed applications, or "Dapps" in your browser!

      Click here to install


      Create your own wallet

      When you have created your MetaMask wallet you get a seed phrase, an account is automatically generated. You’ll see that as your account 1 (default account).
      Copy your account address from there


      Connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain

      You will need to manually add the Binance Smart Chain to your wallet. Please click Add Network in the top-right corner. The detailed instruction you can find here.


      Buy BNB for your wallet

      For now, you do need BNB (at least 0.15) on your Binance Smart Chain wallet to make purchases. Please purchase with card by click:
      ● for US Residents - click here
      ● for non-US Residents - click here
      You can also add funds from any exchange, which support BNB BEP20 


      Last step - purchase

      Click "Connect Wallet" below and follow instructions to purchase UBANKThat's all folks, OBS will appear in your wallet. Please add Custom token with 0xdDE147EcCe74Fe75f0bAccD67B069201E25E8Fe8 address.

      Buy UBANK token

      No wallet connected. Connect wallet to show accounts and their BNB balances.